Monolithic Waterproofing Systems

Our line of Monolithic Waterproofing Systems offers the reliability, protection and performance you need, backed by the local customer support only a proven POLY-CARB producer can provide, virtually anywhere in the world.

Monolithic Waterproofing Systems Products

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Product Name & Description

A solvent-less, low viscosity, high modulus, two-part epoxy adhesive designed for high strength permanent repair of structural cracks in concrete.


Multi-polymer resurfacing system. A solvent-less, multi-polymer resurfacing system designed to provide a maintenance-free, impact and abrasion resistant surface for new and old concrete surfaces.


Spray applied membrane system. A liquid spray applied waterproofing system that prevents corrosion from soluble salts on concrete and steel surfaces that are to be overlaid with asphalt.


MARK-170.2 FLEXODECK II is a 100% Solids traffice bearing membrane waterproofing system for multi-level parking garage decks. The top coat provides a high degree of abrasion resistance and traffic wear, along with excellent chemical resistance. This top coat covers and protects a membrane that exhibits both high tensile strength and very high elongation (flexibility). The primer provides a tenacious bond to the concrete and the finish coat enhances retention of aggregates. The MARK-170.2 system therefore is extremely durable and is capable of handling heavy vehicular traffic


Waterproofing system for parking garage decks. A solvent-less multi-polymer waterproofing system designed to provide a long lasting and reliable maintenance-free, skid, impact and abrasion resistant surface for concrete decks. Upon completion, the final 2-layer system is a uniformly placed 55-500 mils thick surface with exposed aggregates.